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    Helping Healthcare with Efficient, Compliant and Transparent Solutions

    A Cloud-Based Software Platform to Manage Your Formulary. Our database is unmatched.

  • Watch this brief demo video

    This 3 minute video demonstrates the powerful functionality and features of our tool.

  • Easily Comply With EPA and USP 800

    Just send us your facility's list of National Drug Codes and within hours, view vital data that was virtually impossible to find, let alone view on one dashboard. We keep it up to date in real-time. Includes vital info like drug storage temperature, patent expiration date, waste classification and disposal instructions.

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    Why Birds Eye?

    Healthcare Is Searching For A Smarter Way

    Currently healthcare organizations attempt and commonly struggle to manage their Formulary through complex, color-coded spreadsheets. Those spreadsheets quickly become outdated as new medications are added and other medications are discontinued. Also, Federal and State regulations change, this impacts the accuracy of the spreadsheet.

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    Training Made Easy

    Built For Any Size Organization

    Our Formulary management solution will save your organization countless hours normally spent on training employees on how to properly profile medications.

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    We Built This For You

    A Serious Game-Changer

    Imagine if there was an intuitive software system that could maintain an organization’s formulary in real-time, educate the staff members in real-time, and allow staff members to be more productive with their time.


    Welcome to the Future. Welcome to Birds Eye!!

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    The Ultimate Formulary Management Tool

    Avoid fines of up to $77K Per Day Per Location. Save thousands of hours on training and maintaining. ​

  • Instantly characterizes your formulary

    with disposal instructions.








    Eliminates compiling formulary data

    and maintaining spreadsheets.

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    You + Birds Eye = Awesome.